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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pictures from Austin Roberts.

Visited Austin Roberts during the week. Here is some pictures from there.

White Faced Ducks.

White Faced Ducks

Yellow-billed Duck Swimming in the water.

Yellow-billed Duck

Egyptian Goose swimming in water.

Egyptian Goose.

Spur Winged Geese swimming in the water.

Spur Winged Geese.

Egyptian Goose standing in water.

Egyptian Goose.

Yellow Billed Duck keeping an eye on me.

Yellow-billed Duck.

Yellow-billed Duck standing on tree.

Yellow-billed Duck.

Dove walking in between Grass.


Red Dragonfly sitting on grass near stream of water.

Red Dragonfly.

Blue Dragonfly sitting on grass.

Blue Dragonfly.

Bronze Mannikin sitting on grass.

Bronze Mannikin.

Portrait of a White Faced Duck.

White Faced Duck.

I used the following equipment for this captures.
Sony DSLR A-200
Sigma 30-300mm lens.
Please feel welcome to return and to browse my Gallery.
God Bless.

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