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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A day in Cape Town.

My Sister In Law arranged us a tour bus taking us through Cape Town. So we drove from Robertson to Cape Town. Arriving at the Waterfront in Cape Town we parked our vehicles and got on the bus. So the bus took us through Cape Town and our First stop was near Houtbay harbor. There we got on a boat and visited Seal Island and a shipwreck Bos 400. After arriving at the harbor again and getting of the boat we got on the tour bus again and stopped at a restaurant Fish On The Rocks and we all ordered fish and chips. With our stomachs filled we got on the bus once again following the road over Chapman's peak where we stopped and took some pictures. Off we went once again visiting Simons town turning around driving all along the coast stopping at Muizenberg where i took 3 pictures. Then we went back to Cape Town. Arriving at Cape Town Waterfront we got off our bus and walked around at the Waterfront. We waited for peak traffic to subside. We then drove back to our destination arriving there 21:00 at night. So here is some captures of our trip to Cape Town and through Cape town.

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